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Certified Data Recovery from an Industry Leader

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we take essential steps to protect your files and your media during our data recovery process. Our credentials give you peace of mind, and unlike most other data recovery companies, we provide full access to audit reports, attestation comments and other important documents online.

Partner Benefits

With over 12 years of experience on our team, you can rest assured that your data is in the most able and caring hands of the industry. Regardless of the problem, we can help - our data recovery engineers are the most talented in the field, and are equipped with specialized state-of-the-art technology to help you get your data back as quickly and effectively as possible.

Majority of devices recoverable.

We can perform recovery on internal and external hard drives, USB storage devices, CDs and DVDs, RAID servers, tape drives, digital cameras, PDAs, and other forms of media. We will also help you regardless of your platform - Windows, Mac, or Linux.

We deal with all kinds of data loss problems

Whether it's a software or a hardware failure, human error, a virus infection, a natural disaster, or simply an accident, we can help. We fix minor problems and catastrophic ones alike, and our customers range from ordinary home users to governmental institutions.

We provide custom-tailored solutions

Whether it's a software or a hardware failure, human error, a virus infection, a natural disaster, or simply an accident, we can help. We fix minor problems and catastrophic ones alike, and our customers range from ordinary home users to governmental institutions.

Our customers are happy

  • Secure Data Recovery did a great job in communication, analysis of my hard drive, validating expected results, and delivering on thos expectations. They were able to get my information back faster than expected. Great job all around.
    Randal Locke Reviewed on 2/21/2024
  • I reached out to secure data recovery to recover a hard drive that had over 19 years worth of memories and files, including those of my late husband. They were able to recover almost all the files except a few. I am very thankful that I chose this company to assist me with my data recovery.
    Michelle Everett Reviewed on 2/20/2024
  • Jonathan N made it very easy for me through the process. I would have questions about the device, time frames and billing and he would answer quickly even if it was late at night. I believe he works 24 hour shifts thats what it felt like and it really showed. Product came back with high success on my file recoveries.
    Tyler Steinbock Reviewed on 2/16/2024
  • These folks are awesome. I had an SSD with two years of art projects completely fail, and they were able to recover basically everything. They even got results ahead of schedule, which is always appreciated! They responded quickly and answered any questions I had.
    Jess Fuller Reviewed on 2/14/2024
  • What an excellent job. My back up external hard drive just stopped working mid back up. Sent the drive in and the techs were able to recover all my data. Load it on a new WD external HDD of the same size. I highly recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone who needs to recover their data from a bad drive.
    Jeff and Julie Hartwig Reviewed on 2/14/2024
  • During the entire process Secure Data Recovery kept in constant contact with me through a designated rep who knew my case and could guide me through the whole process beginning to end. Response time was unbelievably quick. They were able to recover my data faster than the quoted timeframe they provided to me at the start.
    Philipp Ponomarev Reviewed on 2/13/2024
  • Secure Data Recovery was able to recover my data with no up-front cost. Scott M. was very responsive and professional, and the job was finished sooner than expected. Thank you Secure Data Recovery for a stress-free process!
    Lisa Roy Reviewed on 2/12/2024
  • I had a fantastic experience with Secure Data Recovery! Jake Gambatese was incredibly helpful throughout the process. Thanks to their expertise, the data on my failing external hard drive was successfully recovered. I''m very satisfied with their professionalism and quick turnaround time. I highly recommended Secure Data Recovery.
    Derikah Reviewed on 2/12/2024
  • Appreciation to Jake and the team for recovering our seriously old but critical hard drive. They were not only able to recover the data in a very timely manner but kept us informed the entire way. The data arrived safely back to us on a new external hard drive and ALL the data we needed was recovered. Thank you again!
    ADMIN CSFC Reviewed on 2/10/2024
  • Elliot was great during the process of recovering data from my external harddrive! He was professional and answered all my questions and concerns promptly. The team was able to restore my data and I would definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery to others!
    Isra Neamati Reviewed on 2/9/2024
  • Just wanted to say how very happy I am with the service I received from Secure Data Recovery! I had 4 TB''s of files on an external hard drive that I thought were gone forever but they were able to recover everything! Very friendly, thorough and professional throughout the whole process. I cannot sing their praises enough!
    Christi Eadler Reviewed on 2/9/2024
  • SDR was super responsive from the very beginning, when I realized an external drive I use to archive design projects was dead in the water. They were friendly and helpful, and recovered the majority of the files I was needing. I recommend them highly, and Eliot in particular.
    Susie Acheson Reviewed on 2/7/2024
  • I worked with Jason Molinaro and the team was able to fully restore my corrupted macbook pro hard drive. I thought everything was lost so it was a huge relief when they were able to restore everything properly. Absolutely would recommend them to anyone!
    Zac Cooner Reviewed on 2/5/2024
  • All of my data was recovered, which was a huge relief. Elliot has to be the best customer service person that I have worked with anywhere. He responded quickly, took care of any questions that I had, always had a great attitude, and helped me move through the process easily and seamlessly. He made life easier during a frustrating time, and that is a rare thing.
    Thomas Werner Reviewed on 2/1/2024
  • With the guidance of Scott McMacken Secure Data Recovery was able to recover everything from my 2TB Western Digital external hard drive. Thanks to the entire team at Secure Data Recovery for first class customer service, quality tech support and high level of fast and accurate communication throughout this process. Many valuable photo moments saved!
    Ed Ptak Reviewed on 1/31/2024
  • Several weeks ago my external hard drive wouldn''t register within my device. When speaking with the manufacturer, they told me the drive was dead and the data was unrecoverable. However, Daniel Novak and his team were able to resolve my issue; during the process, he was clear, concise, and I am satisfied with the results.
    Charles Khosla Reviewed on 1/30/2024
  • Thanks to Daniel Novak and the rest of the team at Secure Data Recovery for retrieving the data from my failing hard drive. The results of the recovery were perfect and only a handful of unnecessary files were not recovered. The team had excellent customer service and the team kept me constantly informed. I recommend their service.
    Jairo Garcia Reviewed on 1/25/2024
  • They were able to recover everything from my portable drive when it became corrupted. I am so grateful. Service was fast, and communication was excellent. I heard from Jonathan after every step was completed. Couldn''t be happier.
    Lisa Wagner Reviewed on 1/24/2024
  • THANK YOU so much, to Eric Fisher and the team for recovering my data from my external hard drive. It was nerve-wracking to have the drive crash, but to be able to get the data back was awesome. They succeeded, where another company gave up. It was a little expensive (it was a personal hard drive, not a company one), but definitely worth it!! THANK YOU again!!
    Kamrin MacKnight Reviewed on 1/23/2024
  • Although its never fun when your phone breaks, the service is well worth it. My representative was Daniel N. Service was quick and easy. Sent my Oneplus 7 and got regular updates on where it was in the process. Wish I could do this stuff at home. Thank you so much Daniel
    Ryan B Reviewed on 1/22/2024
  • Secure Data Recovery really helped when some employees either deleted important files or wiped their computers. They had great communication and helped me understand what could be extracted and made recommendations going forward. I highly recommend them for fixing data problems, Eric and the team are trustworthy and knowledgeable.
    Rebecca Murphy Reviewed on 1/19/2024
  • I''m so grateful they were able to recover >99% of the data on my harddrive that was unresponsive despite all my troubleshooting. Jonathan was clearly communicative throughout the whole process and was patient with all my questions. So relieved the process was a easy as it was - worth every penny. Thank you!
    Amanda Mainello Reviewed on 1/19/2024
  • I want to thank Jason Molinaro and the team at Secure Data Recovery for helping us retrieve the data from our failing harddrive. The results of the recovery were perfect and only a handful unnecessary files were not recovered. The team had excellent customer service, communication and a very fast turn around time. I will definitely use this service again if we ever have another disk problem.
    Gavin Wilson Reviewed on 1/19/2024
  • I will definitely use Secure Data again if needing and I highly recommend them. My data was saved and I’m completely thankful. Customer service was always patient and helpful. Thank you for your services, I’m smiling again!
    Sauntel Williams Reviewed on 1/17/2024
  • I worked with Scott McMacken to recover a database system for a client of mine. Secure Data and Scott recovered the data in a timely manner which saved my client a lot of time. They gave me access to critical data online so I could get the system up and running quickly since a snow storm delayed physical recovery drive in transit. I highly recommend Scott and the Secure Data team.
    William Richard Reviewed on 1/16/2024
  • Elliot was a pleasure to work with. He clearly explained the process from start to finish to get the data recovered. He was polite and prompt and he delivered. I hope I never lose my family photos again, but if I do, I won''t hesitate to use Secure Data Recovery in the future.
    Scott Wilford Reviewed on 1/15/2024
  • I had a USB external hard drive that would not power up. Secure Data Recovery was able to recover data from the drive that I was missing from other backup means. Elliot was a prompt and dedicated guide through the process, I recommend SDR and would use them again if I''m in the same unfortunate situation.
    erik habbinga Reviewed on 1/15/2024
  • My hard drive that has 10+ years of photos I don’t have anywhere else stopped working for some reason and Secure Data Recovery gave me the most reasonable quote and the best service. Everything was done in under 3 weeks and my rep Jason Molinaro had great communication every step of the way. Much appreciated!
    Shawnee Escoffery Reviewed on 1/11/2024
  • I worked with Eric Dvorin. I really loved working with him. He understood my situation and went the extra mile to make sure that I was satisfied with the services I received and kept me informed during the whole process. Any question I had he answered, any concern I braught up he addressed. I will definitely use him again if the need arises
    K-P Creations Reviewed on 1/11/2024
  • Laptop hard drive took a beating literally and crashed, had two years of family photos on it that weren’t backed up and we didn’t want to lose. They were able to recover the vast majority of the files. The price is competitive with other companies and they worked with me on options based on speed of recovery and if I was able to supply the media to recover to. Would recommend.
    Dale Tocke II Reviewed on 1/8/2024
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Services we offer

We offer dedicated data recovery services for our clients.

Different types of industries operate under very different data storage standards, and at Secure Data Recovery Services, we have created a comprehensive set of secure solutions for virtually every type of system. In order to serve all of our customers effectively, we use the latest technology and up-to-date security protocols when recovering every device. Additionally, we optimize our services to meet the needs of various industries, and by taking a client-specific approach, we provide extraordinarily dependable results.

Our teams regularly treat large servers and multi-user storage devices for telecommunications firms. We can safely rebuild lost databases and restore damaged media, preventing unnecessary downtime.

Secure Data Recovery Services protects your intellectual property throughout the file repair process. Additionally, we have extensive experience with all file systems and programming languages.

When retail stores lose data, they need a secure data recovery provider that fully complies with PCI-DSS and other standards. We offer effective solutions for all types of retail establishments.

Many real estate businesses depend on digital media to organize leads and property information. We can safely treat any digital device, and our teams have experience with CAD software, relational databases, and more.

Secure Data Recovery Services can recover property research, operations information, customer databases, and other critically important files for all types of energy companies.

We hold compliance certifications for numerous federal standards, and as a member of the United States GSA contractor schedule, we offer secure, efficient services for our military clients.

Law firms and other legal institutions should exercise extraordinary care when choosing data recovery providers. Secure Data Recovery Services is proud to offer efficient, reliable options.

Our teams will communicate directly with your IT department throughout the recovery process while providing a full overview of available service options to keep your case within your budget.

Servers and storage systems face heavy operating requirements in industrial settings, occasionally resulting in unexpected failures. We offer secure data recovery solutions with flexible service options.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides advanced solutions for medical institutions of all sizes, and we regularly test our security controls in order to maintain full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

In the food industry, downtime can be disastrous. Our flexible service options help you restore important files quickly while still exercising control over your budget.

We provide dependable services for banks, credit unions, payment processors and other financial professionals. Our excellent security controls ensure full compliance with PCI-DSS and other standards.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides efficient turnaround times and unmatched security, and through a large network of offices, we offer effective solutions for entertainment-related industries.

As a fully FERPA-compliant company, we offer safe data recovery and media repair options for colleges, universities, training facilities, public schools and more.

Media damage and file corruption can cause significant losses for photography professionals, and in many cases, recreating the lost data is impossible. Our engineers can help.

When redundancy is compromised, your business needs fast solutions from a dedicated data recovery provider. Secure Data Recovery Services regularly works with data centers of all sizes.

By working with Secure Data Recovery Services, your shop can provide its customers with award-winning data solutions. We also provide a full re-seller program with competitive commissions.

In order to regain access to lost architectural data, our teams work with cutting-edge hardware and proprietary file repair tools designed for common CAD formats.

Data integrity is extremely important in the aerospace industry, and our teams provide a secure set of solutions for all types of devices and servers.