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Certified Data Recovery from an Industry Leader

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we take essential steps to protect your files and your media during our data recovery process. Our credentials give you peace of mind, and unlike most other data recovery companies, we provide full access to audit reports, attestation comments and other important documents online.

Partner Benefits

With over 12 years of experience on our team, you can rest assured that your data is in the most able and caring hands of the industry. Regardless of the problem, we can help - our data recovery engineers are the most talented in the field, and are equipped with specialized state-of-the-art technology to help you get your data back as quickly and effectively as possible.

Majority of devices recoverable.

We can perform recovery on internal and external hard drives, USB storage devices, CDs and DVDs, RAID servers, tape drives, digital cameras, PDAs, and other forms of media. We will also help you regardless of your platform - Windows, Mac, or Linux.

We deal with all kinds of data loss problems

Whether it's a software or a hardware failure, human error, a virus infection, a natural disaster, or simply an accident, we can help. We fix minor problems and catastrophic ones alike, and our customers range from ordinary home users to governmental institutions.

We provide custom-tailored solutions

Whether it's a software or a hardware failure, human error, a virus infection, a natural disaster, or simply an accident, we can help. We fix minor problems and catastrophic ones alike, and our customers range from ordinary home users to governmental institutions.

Our customers are happy

  • Positive results with secure Data recovery. Scott McMacken kept me informed on what they were doing through out the discovery process and informed me that my data could be recovered from my external hard drive. Thank you for your help Scott.
    don French Reviewed on 10/3/2022
  • Elliot F was very helpful and explained everything along the way so that I could get my data back. He always gave great instructions and let me know where my disk drive was in the process. Cost was always very clear and I was given options to chose from. Thanks again for all your help, Elliot F!! Would very much recommend this service.
    Linda Harris Reviewed on 9/30/2022
  • We had 25 years of files saved on a portable hard drive. One day I went to retrieve a file and discovered all of the files were gone. I called SDR and overnighted the hard drive to them. Within 24 hours they told me they could recover the data. Within 10 days I had a new hard drive, converted from windows to mac and was back in service.
    Eugene Borghello Reviewed on 9/30/2022
  • Scott McMacken and the Secure Data team were able to help recover a failed RAID array and lost data. He kept in constant contact with us throughout the process and explained everything in detail. I recommend Secure Data Recovery for recovering your data in any of the scenarios for having great communication, easy process, and excellent results.
    emanuel silva Reviewed on 9/30/2022
  • My hard drive got completely damaged which contained all my works and I had some clients to deliver to, I reached out the team and in an effective time rate all my files where recovered. I was so happy and thankful. Definitely give them a try and it will be worth it.
    Leonard Okpor (Mindsetter) Reviewed on 9/30/2022
  • Very thorough and professional service from Val and his team - right from the first call to the safe delivery of the recovered files. Val always kept me updated with the recovery status and promptly addressed every question and concern I had . Really appreciate it!
    Anirudh Allam Reviewed on 9/29/2022
  • Scott McMacken and his team were so great to work with. He kept in constant communication with us throughout the entire process and explained everything in excellent detail. I highly recommend Secure Data Recovery for any of your data loss scenarios.
    Bryce Catten Reviewed on 9/27/2022
  • Scott McMacken was great. He responded quickly to my emails and phone calls and went above and beyond to help me recover precious memories of a loved one that passed away. If you get a chance to work with Scott know that he will have your back and do what is necessary to resolve your issue. Thank you for all your help and support Scott
    Kisha Stewart Reviewed on 9/27/2022
  • I was the textbook annoying customer- taking forever to respond, asking if they could make the service any less expensive, the works. They were fantastic at accommodating me and my family, and did quick, fantastic work. I get to have my baby photos again.
    Avery Johnson Reviewed on 9/26/2022
  • After trying to troubleshoot my WD external hard drive for months I turned to Secure Data Recovery. I checked out the website and I was in touch with Elliot Fisher. Elliot made the whole process as easy as possible. He told me exactly where I can drop off my hard drive, if it was recoverable, and when I could expect it back. Great service and very helpful!
    Rommel Conclara (MrConclara) Reviewed on 9/26/2022
  • Jonathan helped me with my data recovery so much. Although I didn’t go through with it, he was so helpful and accommodating. He tried everything to make sure the service was perfect. I really appreciate all of his help.
    arushishrimal Reviewed on 9/22/2022
  • Jonathan and the team at Secure Data Recovery Services were professional and polite. Jonathan made sure I understood the entire process and delivered their services on time as promised. Thanks for recovering my data on my water logged phone.
    Brandon Hendrix Reviewed on 9/21/2022
  • Jonathan helped out greatly when answering questions regarding Secure Data Recovery''s service, and gave detailed answers that were easy to understand. Overall service wasn''t priced terribly, with clear time markers and update emails during the length of data recovery. Would definitely would use again if needed!
    Brennan Vilbrandt Reviewed on 9/21/2022
  • Secure Data Recovery was able to help recover a failed RAID array and restore 100% of the data. Great communication, easy process and great results. I hope to never need them again... but would would recommend them to anyone who does.
    Adam Zimman Reviewed on 9/20/2022
  • I appreciate their honesty. Unfortunately the corrosion was too extreme to retrieve the data but at least they didn''t charge me to try. Kind of Scott. to educate me on potential scams to watch out for if I pursue a second opinion. I would use them again.
    anna davidson Reviewed on 9/19/2022
  • Secure Data Recovery was honest and confident from the start. Scott was very transparent with the level of service they could guarantee and was very helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way. He checked in frequently to let us know how the recovery was progressing, and what the estimated timeline looked like. I could not ask for better customer service or data recovery options.
    colt sanspree Reviewed on 9/16/2022
  • I love the service, very nice people. They did the job so well. Everything was 100% recovered. Pretty pricey but it''s worth it if you cannot do it yourself and especially, if you have a lot of stuff. Even though it was pricey, I would go again. Great job. Thank you for everything.
    Ojen Shammasian Reviewed on 9/16/2022
  • Secure Data Recovery was fantastic to work with. Scott was very knowledgeable about the data recovery process and gave me realistic timelines to achieve the recovery of my damaged jump drive. He communicated clearly with us and was great to work with. I definitely will recommend this to colleagues and friends in the future.
    David Ashby Reviewed on 9/15/2022
  • My external hard drive had died. I want in a hurry but the information on it was important. Timothy did a great job keeping me informed and walking me through the process, step by step. There were no surprises and all the data came back great! Thanks!
    Richard Seman Reviewed on 9/14/2022
  • Really awesome, professional and prompt service! I wasn''t expecting to get much of my data back, but was pleasantly surprised to see that only a handful of files couldn''t be recovered. Thanks team, for your fantastic help!
    Gary Gallion Reviewed on 9/14/2022
  • Had two drives that were unresponsive, sent them to Secure Data and worked with Timothy to recover data from the drives. Timothy worked with me to provide an affordable recovery option in a timely manner. The service and communications were great and I knew exactly what was happening and expected during the recovery process. I highly recommend the services of Secure Data Recovery and Timothy!
    Zach Rowland Reviewed on 9/14/2022
  • An unexpected failure on an NVMe M.2 SSD lead us to Timothy Rutan at Secure Data Recovery. After a brief consultation and a few emails, we had our drive in their hands being recovered. Timothy provided the kind of professional service that will encourage us to come back in the future. Thanks, Timothy!
    Anthony Tartaglia Reviewed on 9/14/2022
  • My computer technician told me about this company. I am so pleased with the professional and efficient service Daniel provided. All my data was recovered in a timely manner and I was well informed on the progress. I would definitely recommend Daniel for all your computer needs. Thank you Daniel for giving back our memories.
    Sharon Burke Reviewed on 9/12/2022
  • My crashed hard drive held the recovery keys for several thousand dollars in crypto. Two other data recovery companies tried and failed to recover the drive, and told me there was no hope. Not expecting much I sent it to Secure Data Recovery and I now have access to my funds again. Bravo to them and kudos to their service rep Jonathan Nguyen.
    David S Eckert Reviewed on 9/8/2022
  • Secure Data did a great job recovering data from my hard drive. Aspects included clear communication of the process, good web based forms, and timely response to questions. Don''t want to use them anytime soon, but glad to know they''re around if I have future problems.
    philip frink Reviewed on 9/6/2022
  • I had an external hard drive with nearly 2TB of information that had been corrupted. Timothy Rutan had excellent communication skills throughout the entire process and was very easy to reach with questions and quick to respond.
    Parag Patel Reviewed on 8/31/2022
  • Jonathan with Secure Data Recovery Services was incredible. He did an outstanding job of explaining all of our options, pricing, etc... Once we decided to pull the trigger he clearly communicated every detail we would need at each step of the process. We''re very satisfied with our experience and would recommend Jonathan and this company to anyone.
    DJ Jones Reviewed on 8/30/2022
  • I had a crashed hard drive with sensitive and valuable tax software on it that I needed right away. Timothy at SDR jumped right on it and had 100% of the data recovered in three days including working on the weekend. Couldn''t be happier or more impressed with the service - also, he kept me in the loop the entire time about progress and what they were doing. great job!
    James McGinnis Reviewed on 8/29/2022
  • When I reached out to Secure Data with an external drive that had become corrupt and could not be accessed I was immediately contacted by Scott McMacken. He was very courteous and professional. He answered all questions and walked me through the process so I would know what to expect. Scott was much appreciated and I can say that I was very pleased with the outcome.
    Melody Tucker Reviewed on 8/29/2022
  • I am not tech savy so when I lost my photo''s, documents, downloads, I was very disheartened. I called Secure Data Recovery and was fortunate to get Scott on the phone. He is knowledgeable, patient and kind. He listened to my problems and advised what we could try. His plan was just right for me and it worked like a charm. Scott will be my go-to guy for any future hard drive miscue''s.
    Stanley Solecki Reviewed on 8/29/2022
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Services we offer

We offer dedicated data recovery services for our clients.

Different types of industries operate under very different data storage standards, and at Secure Data Recovery Services, we have created a comprehensive set of secure solutions for virtually every type of system. In order to serve all of our customers effectively, we use the latest technology and up-to-date security protocols when recovering every device. Additionally, we optimize our services to meet the needs of various industries, and by taking a client-specific approach, we provide extraordinarily dependable results.

Our teams regularly treat large servers and multi-user storage devices for telecommunications firms. We can safely rebuild lost databases and restore damaged media, preventing unnecessary downtime.

Secure Data Recovery Services protects your intellectual property throughout the file repair process. Additionally, we have extensive experience with all file systems and programming languages.

When retail stores lose data, they need a secure data recovery provider that fully complies with PCI-DSS and other standards. We offer effective solutions for all types of retail establishments.

Many real estate businesses depend on digital media to organize leads and property information. We can safely treat any digital device, and our teams have experience with CAD software, relational databases, and more.

Secure Data Recovery Services can recover property research, operations information, customer databases, and other critically important files for all types of energy companies.

We hold compliance certifications for numerous federal standards, and as a member of the United States GSA contractor schedule, we offer secure, efficient services for our military clients.

Law firms and other legal institutions should exercise extraordinary care when choosing data recovery providers. Secure Data Recovery Services is proud to offer efficient, reliable options.

Our teams will communicate directly with your IT department throughout the recovery process while providing a full overview of available service options to keep your case within your budget.

Servers and storage systems face heavy operating requirements in industrial settings, occasionally resulting in unexpected failures. We offer secure data recovery solutions with flexible service options.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides advanced solutions for medical institutions of all sizes, and we regularly test our security controls in order to maintain full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

In the food industry, downtime can be disastrous. Our flexible service options help you restore important files quickly while still exercising control over your budget.

We provide dependable services for banks, credit unions, payment processors and other financial professionals. Our excellent security controls ensure full compliance with PCI-DSS and other standards.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides efficient turnaround times and unmatched security, and through a large network of offices, we offer effective solutions for entertainment-related industries.

As a fully FERPA-compliant company, we offer safe data recovery and media repair options for colleges, universities, training facilities, public schools and more.

Media damage and file corruption can cause significant losses for photography professionals, and in many cases, recreating the lost data is impossible. Our engineers can help.

When redundancy is compromised, your business needs fast solutions from a dedicated data recovery provider. Secure Data Recovery Services regularly works with data centers of all sizes.

By working with Secure Data Recovery Services, your shop can provide its customers with award-winning data solutions. We also provide a full re-seller program with competitive commissions.

In order to regain access to lost architectural data, our teams work with cutting-edge hardware and proprietary file repair tools designed for common CAD formats.

Data integrity is extremely important in the aerospace industry, and our teams provide a secure set of solutions for all types of devices and servers.