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Here For Our Customers Our technicians have over 20 years of experience and we feel very confident that we will be able to fix your problem. We work to be your trusted source for affordable computer repair.


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Our Services

Data Recovery

Expert Data Recovery in Sandy, UT.
Certified Data Recovery Engineers with decades of hands on cleanroom experience

Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen is broken and needs to be replaced, we simply add the cost of the screen to our flat labor fee $79.99. We do not charge for a quote or to look at your computer.  If you don’t like the quote we just give your computer back at no charge.

System Reinstall

In many situations, the reinstallation of your computers operating system (OS) is not only the best way to fix your computer problems but may even be the only way. The Windows OS literally contains millions of lines of code that instructs your computer what to do whenever a task is assigned.  If the task requires a line of code that is missing or damaged, the computer literally does not know what to do next and may freeze up or display a blue screen of death.


A Tune-up helps clean out the unwanted buildup of garbage that has slowly accumulated over months of use. A Tune-up will get your computer back in shape without changing any programs, data, or files.


Computer running a little sluggish?  Upgrade the Ram or change to a Solid State Hard Drive and bring some life back into your computer at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.